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I tell you the 3 weeks last month of Eric's visit, my Mom's death, and then the move are still playing havoc with me. I still feel scattered at times. I think my time with the Comic is adding to this. While I enjoy my time with her and she does a lot for me. I'm having a hard time getting into my new routines with all the changes. Not really changing anything at the moment, but just talking about it.

The Comic's sister said I was looking happier nowadays. I think the many months of not knowing what was going on at my last place played their havoc with me. Now with so many things done and changed in my life it's difficult to get into a new groove. My old one doesn't fully work yet I haven't settled into a new one.

My ex emailed me last night about when Eric was coming back cause she may be going on a retreat. All I got out of this was that their would be no airport service from her. The only good thing is that my last trip I was able to get a subway may. There is a direct line from Chinatown to Rockaway. I will ask her to drive Eric the 12 blocks to the station which she will probably give me crap for, but that I can bitch about. I know how she lies about stuff, but sometimes their is no cover for it.

Today has become a crap day at work. It was nicely packed this morning then it became Swiss cheese. Very thin cheese to be exact. Not happy about it. The good thing about today is that the Comic and I are off to see Iron man 2 tonight at the $1 house.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

You've had a lot of stuff going on in your life lately. Give yourself a little room to breathe. It'll all sort itself out in due time.


... and when other people tell you that you look happier, it's likely true!

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