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Sane Friends

The Last Meal

It was interesting to see the Comic's face when dealing with my Mom's remains yesterday. She mostly had sitcom jokes that she wouldn't share with me. For me it was just another object. I thought I might have some connection, but at last there wasn't any.

The Comic did help straighten up my room and finish packing for the weekend. I was very pleased with the results even during it I wanted to just be done with it. It was nice to hear her tell me what I deserved. Now it's just the waiting game to get it done and a have a new chapter begin.

I'm a bit melancholy today and it's from finish watching the last of Battlestar Galactica. It was a very good series and the loss and goodbyes of the last episode sparked some emotions in me, mostly loss. I see that I already know the things I have to finish up for my Mom and I'm okay with it. Like picking up her remains yesterday and the paperwork for her life insurance today. Anything else out of those lines is a problem. My brother is bothering me with not answering my question on how he is doing. While I don't care whether I get an answer or not. I wish he would stop asking me about how I'm doing with it. I'm still good with it where in I ask how he's doing and never get an answer. Oh well.

I tell you it's very funny with the Comic and I. The dichotomy of the sexes is so evident. Usually when we walk in a place I just know where stuff is. However on those occasions that I don't know and I start to wander, the Comic is quick to ask for directions. The other is with decorating. While the Comic has a flair for it, she already knows the point that she has to do cause I don't care. I agree that it looks better, but I'm good at a lower level.

Tonight I have free tickets to see J Medicine Hat which is a favorite of mine. The Comic has never seen him so this will be a treat.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Wow. I leave for two weeks and a lot happens here. First, I am sorry to hear about your mom. She was, I am quite sure, proud of her boy and that is a huge gift.

Glad to see the Comic is still around. Impressed with the bed purchase. Impressed with YOU over all and how you are dealing with everything!!!


I'm glad you had Comic there for you, so you didn't have to deal with your mom passing all by yourself.


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