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Goodbye to You Too

Since it was a dead morning at work I decided to stop at my Starbucks. Yes the one that is closing this weekend. I didn't think I would get a chance to enjoy it again and if I did it would be with the Comic. I wanted to enjoy it by myself since I've spent enough hours in it over the years. It became my reward and guilty pleasure a few years ago. I didn't have much money as I started over, but I had learned that I needed to be good to myself. So the compromise was Starbucks. Not too much money spent and I got to spend sometime relaxing inside it's 4 walls of plaster and glass. Who knew I would become an addict with the stuff for the first year. Actually I wasn't that bad with only 2 visits per week. However over the years I've spent many hours reading or working on my laptop there when I needed an escape from the office. I've had many business meetings there as well as a lot of coffee dates. The Comic and I had our first meeting there. The whole experienced just added another car to my seeing things go bye bye. While like everything else it's a major emotional event it does do something to me. So I find myself a bit melancholy today.

I'm also taking back my trunk today. Over the last few months or is it years it's become a storage for a lot of stuff, most of it junk. Well that's not right. It's stuff that needs to be organized and put someplace else. So I picked up a milk crate and magazine holder to put in there to hold my meeting books, car fluids, and Eric stuff (balls and the such) so I can have some organization in there.

Last night I got to enjoy more of my new place by sitting in the enclosed patio and enjoying dinner with a book. It was nice and peaceful. It could have been a little less humid, but it was well worth it.

The Comic is helping me with a bunch of stuff with Eric. She's going to help me decoupage a box so I can hold all of Eric's stuff that I've kept. Since he was a baby I've kept every single scrap of paper or craft that he has made for me. I've been keeping it in a folder, but want to make a better holding place. She also had a great idea for making him a bookmark since he reads a lot like me. Now I just need to find a good picture and poem.

6 people had cathartic therapy:

I know the Starbucks thing well... spent much time there. Drank too many Mocha's! I don't do that anymore. Probably why the stock dipped! LOL

I think the bookmark idea is great. The poem should be easy. Just like:
"There once was a man from Nantucket..."

Yes, I know it's a limerick, but still. Classic is classic! ;-P


I am such a Starbucks whore, so I feel your pain in losing your favorite branch. I love Starbucks, and I love relaxing there.


I have kicked the Sartbucks habit over the last few years thank God. I was killing my wallet!


No worries about Starbucks. I'm sure there's one a few yards away that will stay open. Starbucks will outlast a nuclear war and the cockroaches.


So many goodbyes!

I like the Comic.


That's too bad to lose a favorite haunt.

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