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Dinner in the Sister Cities

Well I did the Google search and I find I'm a date late. I asked Kitcat to come over Tuesday and I'd cook dinner. She said yes and was very happy that I have the ability to cook and clean dishes. I have to admit I enjoy guys who set the bar low since I easily clear this stuff.

Thinking back, it's been 4 years are Aroma girl since I cooked a romantic dinner. I cooked for Asp, but her son was always there so it was always on the mundane level. I have to admit that one was one thing about the relationship that was a problem. The ability to make things special was so hard.

Anyway ratatouille is on the menu with a salad. Kitcat is diabetic and I need to find out what she'll want to drink. She keeps her blood sugar levels normal with diet and we've not had a normal dinner yet. She had hot tea with the sushi, but I don't think that counts. I am surprised how quickly Kitcat has grown on me. Interacting with her is always a fun thing. The next thing on my list for us is to do some activity whether it be a museum or miniature golf to see how we do with stuff in between us.

Today was the Cherry Blossom festival here in the city. Virginia Beach and Miyazaki City, Japan have been sister cities since 1992. Who knew? Today was the annual festival which had plenty of Japanese culture to share. No food though. There was martial art demonstrations, music, arts and crafts to experience. A fun time was had by all.

I do want to thank everyone who answer my question last entry. I've always been an open book if someone asks me a question. However over the years I've volunteered less and less information and wanted a reality check with it.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Yes, guys who cook and clean dishes are the best!!! And unfortunately, they are hard to find.

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