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The Storm that Could

Well it wasn't so much of a threat. It was the real deal and we got snow. Around 6 inches here. The biggest thing of the snow storm is getting use to how the south handles it. Well one thing is they close the city down. The other since they aren't many plows only the interstate and some of the main roads are plowed. Residential roads are untouched. I'm so far off the main road that I might as well be in Alaska. My next problem was that I didn't have a shovel. Nothing was in the garage and I didn't have any keys to the barn where it might be. So I asked my neighbor to borrow his and I shoveled the driveway which was something I though I gave up when I left NY. It was really coming down and my work was pretty much covered up soon enough. Many neighbors walking the street were nice enough to point that out. I know from many years of shovelling to stay on top of it so that it doesn't get ahead of you and especially since it wasn't getting out of the 20's that it would freeze there. The good thing about no plows was that I didn't have to worry about them re-blocking my driveway which was always a fear.
Since everything was closed I cancelled my bowling event with the singles. However knowing I wasn't going to have any social interaction was driving me batty. So I hoped in the car to hit the Home Depot and super market at the entrance to the neighborhood. The roads weren't that bad even though there was a layer of ice under it all. Home Depot was happy to display $32 shovels at their entrance. I walked past them since I was mostly just browsing. I did get a dustpan and broom since I'm still waiting for cleaning services to start back up in my suite hallway. Afterwards I crossed the street to rent District 9 from Redbox and buy some snacks. While I enjoyed the movie I didn't get all the hype that it had.

I understood that Asp wanted some alone time last night since she hadn't had any since October, but this would have been a perfect weekend for some alone time for us. Since her son was staying at a friends. We talked about me coming over today, but she was too worried about me driving. I have another singles event tomorrow so I should be able to convince her it's okay to drive out there even though there really won't be any change in the roads since the temperature will still be below zero.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Just so you know we are cooking over here in Melbourne 37c degrees (98 f)


It was a beautiful sunny day over here in California.

But we've been having pouring rain and some flooding lately, so this is a welcome break.

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