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Sane Friends

The 6th of July

For some ungodly reason my high speed Internet is on the fritz today. While I took care of some thing at the office on dial up, most of my office stuff needs a bit faster speed. This is interesting since at home all I have is dial up and I'm perfectly happy. I guess I'm not use to having any restrictions at work. It hasn't been to bad for a Monday at the office. Hopefully it will continue through the week since I need money to pay bills this week.

I continued my world domination of the neighborhood today by dropping off free treatment coupons for the firefighters and EMTs across the street from the office. I haven't done it in a few years. I've never gotten anyone from it, but hey it's a nice way to say thanks. I think the coffee shop around the block is next on my list.

My ex texted my last night to say that her dad still wasn't doing to well. A strange notion hit me afterwards. Her dad has been sick for a while and slowly deteriorating. I started wondering I'm the backup plan. My ex always needs someone to take care of her and there is no one else. Eric still needs at least another 10 years to fill those shoes. So I wouldn't put it past her to be scoping out her next victim and since I'm the only victim around it could be me. Hey this is my conjecture, but I know how she works and believe me this isn't to far fetched.

On my side of the street it's no fucking way. Besides being poor I'm very happy in my life. I'm doing things that I never thought I would do and pushing the envelope in many parts of my life with work and personal life. In part I'm happy to say that I'm making the same amount of money as last year, but I really need more to prosper. Although I am making do with less this year since I'm paying many extra bills off.

I'm hoping for a big push this month. I put out a lot of stuff in the local newsletters to hopefully get my Medicare population up. Not that they are money makers, but they do nicely filling in all the empty space. The rest is getting coupons all over the place in the neighborhood. I'm shooting for being everywhere.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

What the heck is the dealio with FREE??? IMHO why are you giving it away? Please tell me there is a sweet deal from the insurance company??? Maybe I read it wrong?
~shakes head~
All I know, it that I am still paying Dr bills from my broken neck AND now I employ the services of pain management Dr.....HMMMMM NON of them are seeing me for FREE!!! AND I AM AN UNEMPLOYED SCHOOL TEACHER!!!! LOL.

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