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Sane Friends

Tuesday Fun

Do you know what kid's crack is? Gameboy. For the 7 hour ride back Sunday I had my Gameboy which I keep for Eric. I handed him the Pokemon game and I never heard from him until we got home. Every once in a while he would say he needed a break, but within 2 minutes he would be playing again. Oh what beautiful silence. Not to say we didn't talk, but I didn't hear the constant, "how much longer?"
It's nice to see a mature nine year old. He's a little more autonomous which allows me to do things that my life demands, like work. Eric's helped out in the office and all my patients are happy to see him. Monday we went to see the Star Wars movie. Eric has already seen it, but he wanted me to see it. This is a new thing for me since he doesn't go to the movies. The one thing I don't like about seeing a movie with a child is their bladder that is the size of a grape. I hate missing pieces of a movie.
Today Eric came to my networking movie. He helped me with my duties and enjoyed meeting everyone. I had some rescheduling so after my first patient we went to play some miniature golf and sweated our butts off. After a game of Battleship we went outside to play with snaps. I haven't seen them since I was a kid. I found a box a few months ago and got them for us. We had fun popping them in the back.
Since we have some time before my next patient we're off to McDonald's playplace.

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He is a CUTIEPIE! He looks just like Dad.

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