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Aquarium Fun

So today we decided to head over to the Aquarium. It's a rarity that I go and it's only when someone is visiting. However this time so did all the tourists. It was weird to stand on a line to get into the place.

The traveling room had to do with building. While Eric thought it might be too young for him it turned out to be a lot of fun, even for me. The people who created it did a great job of building all the different construction equipment for kid use.
The Aquarium is still under construction until next year when they open all the new exhibits. The stingray tank is always a big one. Eric actually tried to pet them this time.
We got to see the turtles and sharks which is always a fun time.
Then we went over to the aviary and marsh pavilion to see all their exhibits.
Eric even got to pet a rat.

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I've always heard good things about this aquarium; some year, we'll visit! Eric seems happy.

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