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Sane Friends

All Things Come to an End

Well it's Friday and it's the last full day of Eric's visit. He's feeling it, but better than he has been the last few days. However I know that can change in a moments notice. Right now we're in the office treating my morning patients then we're off to the Aquarium to enjoy. I don't have any more patients till the end of the day. This week started as a slow week and will now tie as my busiest week.

It was a lot of fun to talk to the Planner last night. It had been 2 days and I missed her. She wants to save more money so we'll tone down our spending which is NOT a problem for me. Saving is always good. She was a little worried how I would react, but I reminded her that I don't care what we do as long as we are together I have fun. We're both looking forward to the Labor Day weekend together.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Have fun at the Aquarium with Eric, Mike !

Saving money and spending money are all good where appropriate. Glad that you and Planner are on the same page :)

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