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Sane Friends

It's Ironic

I tell you it's funny, very nice, but funny. Talking with the Planner last night about cooking and she started talking about if we ever got a place together. Mostly about how she wouldn't be able to do what my landlord does which I was like no big deal since I know how to cook. She jumped on that pretty fast. However here's a woman that 3 weeks ago was freaking out to share her bed with me and now she's talking future stuff. It's different. Since my divorce I have to admit I have always been the one out in front with the feelings. While I really like the Planner my feelings are normal and where they should be for the amount of time we've been together. My emotions haven't run away on me and I'm not high on them which is a good thing. My eyes are very wide open as we go.

On the car front. I found out it's an electrical problem. The mechanic said this morning it's just not getting any power. So I'll take care of that Thursday morning.

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