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The Magic Act

I think I may have broken the monogamous serial dater status that I've been given in the past. I have 3 dates with 3 separate women. It's always a bit weird when you plant a bunch of seeds and they all bloom together.

Tonight's one with L's friend I don't have much hopes for. L thinks since I don't drink and her last boyfriend was an alcoholic it will make a good connection. I think her self-esteem has been blown out of the water. I'm not quite sure how long they've been broken up, but I don't think it's been more than 6 months. She's an attractive woman and I'm usually happy to meet new people. I am surprised that after about 80 women I finally go out with someone with the same name as my ex.

Tomorrow's Starbucks date has the highest hopes. She seems stable, but who the hell knows. She's direct with her emails which I'm not use to with women, no offense. I find myself being the chatty one.

Lastly is my left over one from last week. We we thinking about last night and it didn't work out. At present she's at the bottom of the list just because I feel she has a bit too much craziness in her life. She's still riding the waves of her divorce process.

On the topic of my business coach. Changing gears here. It reminds me of when I stopped therapy years ago. While there was a bumpy section right afterwards I had to really work it and develop a different support system to get through things. I have things now in place for help in business. Although I still need strategic alliance partners in my field. It's a weird field since most people don't see it as a business.

Bad planning on my part. I'm beat today like I usually am after a beach walk. Flat feet are wonderful. So it's going to be a long day with dancing tonight and then meeting up with L's friend.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I have two women for you here in California. Please come and get them.


I think that 3 dates sound fun.
you get to choose!


*80* dates? Seriously?
I just can't picture that.
Maybe I should start trying, eh? ;-P

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