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Sane Friends


As many of you know or don't know that I'm not a big fan of change even though I know it happens. I got home after seeing the Blind Side which was a great movie by the way. I see why Sandra Bullock got the academy award. Anyway I got home and thought one of the big trees had fallen in the yard. However on closer inspection I saw that many of the trees were down. Work on the outside had begun. Many trees and scrubs were missing. The deck, gutters, and basketball hoop were gone. Walking outside this morning to see all the changes was pretty impressive. The guys did a lot of work in one day and they were there bring and early this morning. I think they were surprised to see me there.

After the movies last night I dropped off 8 more signs around my area to help market the office. 14 hours later I got the call from the city to remove them or face $150 fines/sign. Oye. They are going to email me the ordinance so I can see how I can still use them. The funny thing is that I felt better removing them then putting them in place.

Did I tell you that Kitcat is a counselor? We're just emailing back and forth to we see meet each other Saturday. She asked if she could ask a random question. I don't mind. Her question was what animal would I like to be and why? Let the psychological evaluation begin! I answered Osprey or Hawk since they are good fliers and I think it would be cool to fly on your own power. What about you what would you say?

3 people had cathartic therapy:

You market directly with other providers, yes? You meet with other docs in your area who might refer to you? Of course you do! That is where I would leave the flyers:)

I would be a wolf. Cool spirit guide animal, and they are at the top of the food chain in their habitat. Plus they have cute babies which are fluffy and adorable.


I personally hate it when potential dates ask me psycological questions like that so they can evaluate me.

But for you I will answer.

I would be a bird so I could shit on people who ask me questions like that.


P.S: And no, I wouldn't shit on your head ;)

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