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Stuck in the Middle

My parents got divorced when I was 18 months old. So I've spent my life with divorced parents which means they are rarely together, but they still are bad mouthing each other. Being in the middle really is the place to be. Crap is flying everywhere and for some reason you're catching it. Now you ask why I bring this up? Well it has nothing to do with my parents, thank gawd. It's my business coach and the woman that owns the business networking group in the area. For some reason they've had a problem for the last year or so. Since I deal with both of them for my business growth I hear the complaints. I've gotten use to it actually. However this morning the volume was raised when the woman told me and my group we couldn't use his place for our meeting. In my head I'm like this is escalating which I don't need. Why? Cause I feel I'm the go between again and I don't want that job again.

I got my taxes back today and I owe a small fortune. Still reeling from the events of the previous paragraph I didn't say anything. However once I was able to calm down I realized that my taxes where done under a sole proprietor and I'm a corporation which gets rid of that huge self employment tax. I need to look at last years and see if same mistake was done there since I paid a bunch last year too.

I had to attend a big meeting today with business owners that run organizations well over a million dollars. Last time this really got to me, but I was able to go in a better mindset today. It turned out to be a lot of fun and I was happy to have attended.

Kitcat and I met up last night for an hour over at Wendy's. She had just finished Boy Scouts and I a meeting. Like always the hour flew by and we laughed most of the time. The great thing was that the place was empty so we had some latitude. I've known that Kitcat is very attractive, but I really got to watch her sashay across the place last night. All I had to say was "WOW."

I'm looking forward to cooking dinner tonight for us. I stopped back at the house this morning to cut up everything so I can start cooking as soon as I get home. The construction guys realized I had a date coming over tonight and asked for stuff to clean the place up with when they were finished. Thanks guys.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Hope the date goes well!


I bet that was a good feeling when you realized that you didn't have to pay and arm and a leg in taxes.

Hope your date is awesome!


Your true test of being in the middle of your business associates will be: will you respond like you did (do) the way you did (do) with your parents?? It's an opportunity for growth:)


The construction guys were cleaning up? Wow! That's a new one.

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