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I'm waiting for a possible patient to call. Officially I'm still open for another hour so I don't mind. Usually during this downtime, especially on a Saturday, I stroll around the Internet. Yes I know big surprise. Well actually this morning my intentions were for some different activities for the singles group. I came across a scavenger hunt. Since I know I'll be doing all the work myself and not being able to play I have mixed feelings. However a mall photo scavenger hunt would be pretty easy. I could send them off for an hour and I could grab some Starbucks and relax. Sounds like something you do with your kids.

I think I'll head over to the larger of the two malls here and see if they let you take pictures in the mall. The biggest thing will be trying to come up with riddles for stuff in the mall. I found some examples like

  • Watch your step! Pick up your feet, your next clue is by the other white meat. (Chic-Fil-A)Shh!

  • Don't tell anyone where I might linger to, for Vicky would get mad if she caught me next to her shoe. (Victoria Secret's thong)

I maybe asking for help so put on your thinking caps. I'll probably charge everyone $5 for prizes. I can grab gift cards and hopefully some business people I know will toss in some stuff to kick it up a notch.

Other than that I feel the dating bug biting me again. The funny thing is that I don't seem to be catching any one's eye like I was when I was with Asp. Oh well. I'll have to make my own luck like usual.

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Well, Mike, You have a great thing going there with your singles group. I am sure they love you and love how you put all this thought into organizing something fun. Since it is a singles group, why not keep most of the items a little racy? Have them find something at Frederick's and Aahs and Spencer Gifts (if you have them).

On another note, how do you have such a cool template in blogger??? I can't find anything but the boring stuff.


Thanks Blue. I believe they have a Fredricks and I do know they have Spencers. I'll probably grade different places different points.

What I usually do is look around at other blogs and see what I like. It usually says where on the blog. For some reason mine doesn't. You can try http://www.finalsense.com/services/blog_templates/ as a starting place. Just Google for it.


Okay I got curious. Here is where I got mine. http://www.raycreationsindia.com/free-blogspot-templates.aspx


Mike! You had me laughing my butt off (and I haven't much to spare). The Chik-Fil-A clue was He-LAr-E-us! Glad to hear the dating bug is biting you--You'll catch a good one.


If I weren't married I'd join your singles group from here. I love your games...and especially your clues to the latest one! lol

Happy Saturday Night!

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