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Sane Friends

Bad Math

It was interesting Asp also got an offer for a second job yesterday. It would be good for her if it comes through since it would play with what she likes to do. When she would have free time is beyond me.

I talked to my business coach about my offer since he runs the same organization in other cities. What I thought he pay would be was double the true amount which sucked. Also when we sat down and did the math we couldn't think of how they would be paying for all of it. All we could figure out was a one time sum and then small change if someone else joined. Not my cup of tea.

I find myself in that dead man's zone with Asp. I'm not yet ready to throw in the towel, but I'm not looking to put more energy into it. As friends we seem to do well, but beyond that it's not what it was during our first month. I texted her after our conversation last night to see if she was coming to game night with me Saturday. When I awoke this morning it was still quiet. I had no reason to do my usual "good morning" text. I figured I'd get around to it when I got to the office 3 hours later. About 2 hours she finally responded that she had turned her ringer off last night which I've never seen her do. She said she wasn't up to it this weekend. Asp didn't give any options of us getting together and I don't feel like picking up the slack this time. I know the more time that goes by the less I'll care.

I'm surprised as was OVDC that business hasn't picked up this week with all the snow. The news keeps talking about everyone in the ER with back pain. Why this hasn't translated into new business is weird. I hate slow weeks.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Hmmm.... I don't blame you for not wanting to put energy into it. Perhaps you could say something though?


Sorry you are having to go through this. To me it sounds like she is pulling pack in order to make you commit to something. Remember the ring she wanted you to look at? My guess is she's trying to force you to propose marriage.


Juliette - ROFLMAO. She's going to be waiting indefinitely if she wants a ring from me. It's a road that puts you to the tests.

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