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Sane Friends


I've done a lot of running around today. I went to play pool for awhile. No one else from the Meetup group came. A few people commented afterwards that they would have liked some forewarning. I did find out that I pull my cue back too far and I lose control. If I keep it in a 6 inch range I can do a lot.

Afterwards I headed over to see my Mom. She's gotten this bad habit of chewing on her finger which at times makes it pretty freaking red. She was okay in the response department today. I did find out she was hungry so I got some juice and cookies from the staff. She downed 2 cookies and some apple juice before she let me know she was good. So I made sure she had a pillow behind her head and left the bed tilted up so that she was comfortable.

It has been interesting today. With my limiting my texting, Asp has done pretty well in keeping in contact with me. Following her activities she just did normal stuff today. I'm okay with the time apart, I just want to know when its happening so I'm not left out to dry.

Since I no longer live in my sneakers I haven't purchased a pair in a years. So I found a great pair today for $12 and couldn't say no. All the beach walking will probably tear through them, but they should be more comfortable than what I'm using. Besides dinner for the week my other major purchase was Eric's last birthday present which was a Star Wars Lego set. I'm thinking he has about a year or two left with playing with them before he moves on.

My brother has been given his own parenting column up in New Jersey. He's looking for comments so stop and by and take a look.
While I've enjoyed my day and I still have the Hurt Locker to finally see tonight I see that I've become a much more social person than I ever was. I can't believe how much pleasure I get from a good conversation with people. I think I'm going to see if the landlord's TV setup is still downstairs. If it is I think I might have a weekly geek night there and watch some Sci-fi TV show. Lastly what the hell is going on with the Sci-fi network using Ebonics. Do people not know how to spell sci-fi?

2 people had cathartic therapy:

My son still buys and builds lego at 16...


I have heard that the Hurt Locker is just amazing. Hope you enjoy.

I used to play a bit of pool--kind of miss it.

Nice to see you made it to see your mother. You're lucky to live so close!

Be well.

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