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Well as the New Year arrived I loss free Internet service at the office park. So I debated on whether to get just add it to my phone service or get a broadband card. I decided to go with the card so that I can now have hi-speed at the house instead of dial up. Yes, yes, I'm still a dinosaur is some areas. I do all my work at the office so I have no need for hi-speed at home especially since my Blackberry gets all my emails. Now I'll offset the price by getting rid of my paid AOL. So if you haven't seen me stop by your blog for a day or two you now know why.

I was the cook last night at Asp. I made stir fry ginger chicken and broccoli. It's been awhile since I made it. Everyone liked it which was good. Asp pointed out last night that since we started having sex we've always had it when we get together. I asked if that was a problem. She said no that it was just an observation and that we should continue.

I flipped her mattress the other day and oh what a difference. A lot less achy pain for both of us. I'm glad I awoke this morning since she forgot to set her alarm. We didn't get any snuggle time in the morning which was missed. Just running out of the house didn't sit well with either of us.

I see why the landlord's sister said eat the food. They bought so much cold cuts for the after service that I could feed and army. At least my breakfast and lunches will be covered for a while.

I called Eric last night and got my ex who was double parked for some reason. She said she would have Eric call me later. Afterwards I was pissed since she is obviously out and still can't get him to the airport to see me. I did inform Eric of the landlord's passing. He didn't say anything about it, but I expect questions later. However my ex did text to send her condolences plus to ask if I needed any help which she stated was weird. I really felt like saying to her to just get Eric to the airport and it'll be okay.

Tonight is Wine and Jazz at the Art museum with the singles.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

I just stopped by to catch up and say hi! That stir fry sounds good!!!


You still have paid AOL ? So do I !

Good luck cancelling that. I've heard how people still get charged after cancellation.

Tell me how that goes, as I want to cancel my service too.


You should have totally made the airport comment to the ex.


dearest Mike, please translate ROFLMFO is it some code to Husband? x


Thanks for the decode, bloody nice thing too, hope you didn't have to think too quickly on that one. x

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