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I Be Gumby Dam It!

I see everyone wonders about me and yoga. It isn't like I never did it before. I did it for over a year. I tell you it's pretty interesting being in a room full of women contorting their bodies in skimpy outfits and being the only guy. Usually I have to pay for that. To set the record straight I'm pretty flexiable. I'm no Gumby, but I can do pretty well. All except my shoulders which for some strange reason just are always very tight. I think I'll try this Wednesday night. If it's good I can switch between morning and night on Wednesdays depending on my schedule.

One thing I did learn today is never go to the gym at 6 pm. What a fuckin' nightmare! I had to stand on line to hand my card over. Then everything is knee deep in bodies. I only had 30 minutes to spare and I spent most of that time waiting. I'll never say the morning is crowded again.

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Mike, thanks so much for reading and linking to my site. I'll be reading your stuff as well...

Rob Dobrenski


I make it to my gym at about 5:15pm which seems to work out pretty well. By the time the 6pm crowd starts filling the place I only have a half hour left of my workout so it isn't too annoying. I'd love to make it early in the morning but I just can't drag my ass out of bed that early =/


ha..ha..ha.. just don't be "the creepy guy" in the yoga class, okay? You know the one... the one that won't stop staring instead of concentrating on the yoga poses. :P


Yea, I go to the gym after work, and get there 5:30/6:00ish. The track is crowded and no matter how many times mommies are told "No kids under 13!" they bring their little terrors, anyway. Ugh.

But, it's that or 5:00 a.m. And I refuse to do 5:00 a.m.

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