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Working the Corner

Should I be worried when my girlfriend is trying to raise money on a street corner in a bikini top and shorts? Kitcat had texted me when I got to the art show that she was off to a fundraiser. Since she didn't clarify I had much tamer things in my mind. I'm taking their standing at a intersection asking for money for her son's school since she didn't mention car wash. I did have to ask if she was wearing her platform shoes. I was surprised that she wasn't making much money. Like I told Kitcat, I've seen her in a bikini and less than that. She's very hot especially for her age. Plus she knows how to work it so I was surprised that a bunch of dirty old men didn't blow their lotto money on her.

Now while I may say my relationship is going slow, most of the known world says I move very fast. Who me? I have to admit my relationship with Kitcat is a lesson in patience. Not being able to see her as much as I would like is very trying at times for me. I have to admit, deep down I like instant gratification. It doesn't always have to be about me which its most not in my life. However when I do want something I do want it now. This was made obvious to me when I was walking up to the art show today. The first woman that I walked pass met my gaze, smiled, and did that hair thing. It happened a few times throughout the festival which got my mind working. We did it go to work at? Not being able to see Kitcat as much as I would like. And in front of me are women that are here. The idea was flushed a moment later like the usual idea of whacking someone upside the head with a bat for cutting me off. Honestly the only problem I have with Kitcat after almost 3 months is that I don't see her as much as I want which is my stuff. Other than that I really don't have any qualms with her which is very different from many of the other women I've dated. Most of the problem being school which will end for her in 5-6 months. So I do count my blessings with Kitcat since being good for me, she is one of the best I've dated.

The art show went very well. It was great to finally have a beautiful day for it. Only two others made it out, but both members I like very much so it was a fun time. Usually I'm a browser at these things with me only rarely buying something. However this time I did have my eye out for something for the office. While I did see a few things that I really liked, nothing spoke to me. They would be nice to have, but I would have to change to much of the decorations around to make it work. At this point I'm not ready to do that.

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