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Tone is here for a few days trying to hire someone to take care of the lawn and stuff. She let me know she was trying to have the place ready to rent for August, but she knew it would probably be later than that. The good thing is that L's friend has a condo which has extra space for rent that would be ready in September which would work out well. She no longer wants to rent to women since she's gone a lot as a flight attendant and her clothes seem to disappear. I gave up cross dressing in another life so I have no problems. The nice thing is that it would be close to the water. I'm glad that I'll be able to switch over unless something changes. I just hate change to begin with.

Tone gave me the web address for the landlord's pictures of his burial at Arlington National Cemetery. It looked like a nice ceremony, but I have to admit it made me sad looking at them.

Kitcat made me very happy last night by calling to chat before she went to bed. Little things like that make my day. We chatted a little while. I'll see her tonight, but I have a feeling I won't be staying at her place. We're meeting down at Town Center after her meeting ends and she has 3 tests tomorrow. Jeez that's just abusive since she only has 1 teacher. I do want to talk to her setting up some system to better plan us getting together. The other point I almost feel weird doing since I take it for granted. It's the exclusivity talk. It's the way I am, but there is something for making a point with it. The last time I did this talk was with Law girl which I have to admit was one of my healthier relationships even though it didn't go very far. However I do remember her saying that I did everything right.

Yesterday may have been the bomb at work, but today it's a fart. I only had one patient on the books and he rescheduled. So I was happy to have someone else come in to take his place. Tomorrow again is a nice packed day. With everyone coming in all in a small block which will be nice. I will tell you it was strange to have free time today. I have to admit I really haven't goofed around either. Phone calls, marketing, and basis admin stuff has been the flavor of the day. I'm just about finished with everything I need to get done today and I'll take a break and watch some MI 5 which I got out the library. I was very happy to get it quickly since they just got it in. I guess me checking regularly for stuff is paying off.

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when did you give up cross dressing? :)

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