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Sane Friends

Business Road Trip

My day started off nice with a phone call from Kitcat while I was still lying around bed. It was good to hear from her especially since we hadn't actually talked since Friday. She is still a chatty cathy and I got to hear everything in detail which I don't mind. I enjoy being brought into her life. I was hoping to see her tonight or tomorrow, but it won't be till the weekend. We talked about missing each other, but both of knew why it was happening. I'm okay with it, even though I may not like it.

My SIL was on the today show this morning. You can see it here. She's Karen. It was a pretty good piece on being in your 50's.

After many weeks of putting it off I hopped in the car today and drove up to the peninsula to meet some other chiropractors. I had been putting off calling for a long while now. However I liked Shah's idea of just stopping in. There were only 2 doctors close by with everyone else at least an hour. The first place I stopped in was very nice. The staff was very friendly, instantly remembered my name. After a few minutes I got to talk to the doctor who was a nice guy and we talked for about 5 minutes on little stuff. His office reminded me of many things we use to do when I was in NY. I have to review all that stuff in my mind to see what can be used here. The second place the staff blocked me from seeing the doctor. It wasn't as warm as the first place either. From what I hear he does a lot of business, but he may need to defrost his staff.

It was a nice ride up and back. I haven't been up there in a long while and I enjoyed the adventure. However I did have flashbacks of the long drive to see the Planner and Tech girl. Both of who were farther north than I travelled today. I'm very happy to have Kitcat close.

I knew I was berating myself at some level for not contacting the doctors before now. Since doing so today I'm ready for a nap. I forget how much energy goes into avoidance and rationalization no to do something. Now I'm relaxed and I'm feeling the toll.

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I think the hardest part of marketing is getting over the anxiety of putting yourself out there to strangers. however, more often than not, other docs are happy to know you and appreciate networking as well:)

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