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Whoops My Mistake

I still have no firm "date" with Kitcat this weekend. It is hard to schedule stuff with her crazy schedule, but I have to own that I don't usually say what days are good for me which I need to start doing. While I don't give up the things I really want to do, there is a grouping of stuff that I could take or leave that I'm wobbling on while I wait to see if we are getting together. I'm hoping that will get us better on track since we don't know what each other is doing most of the time. We started out this way with spur of the moment dating and its now taking over which isn't good for the long term. So I'll have to mention something later on about it.

The appointment with the personal trainer went well this morning. I was a bit nervous since its a good relationship for the office. So far he's on board to work together to market and also barter services back and forth. I've never thought about doing training, but I'm willing to give it a try. German girl said I don't need it. I think she doesn't want me to become a muscle head. I'd be happier to be a little more cut and my core tighter.

Today is the Stockley Garden art show which is always a treat. I'm going with the singles and this is the first time in 2 years that the weather is nice. Since it's twice a year we've dealt with freezing weather, rain, and the worse was the flood that was happening while we were there.

I was very happy to get the call yesterday saying that one of my cases was finally settled after 6 months. It's not a huge amount, but it will pay for me to see Eric next month which is all I want. I'll be really happy when my larger one from 2-3 years ago is settled. It should be in court soon. With that will be the return of medical insurance, woohoo.

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