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Is it Hot in Here or Is it Me?

It was in the 90's and humid. While there was a nice breeze to be out in the park at Earth day. Working in a storage unit was sheer torture and I passed out nicely last night from heat exhaustion. I did put the dresser in storage since it helped with packing more stuff in it since it organized the items around it. Today I finished moving everything out of the room. The file cabinet is in the hallway to be dumped somewhere and MT1 signed the contract so the place is hers. She'll start moving her stuff in tomorrow and getting it straightened out. I'm still trying to figure out where to put a few items.

Earth day was a lot of fun. We got to see a lot of recycled stuff like clothes made from bottles. It was very cool. We learned about the local animals and the problems we have in the area. I finally got the animal stranding phone number in case I see any hurt or dead marine wildlife. One of the group blended up her own smoothie by powering up a blender with a bicycle. She wasn't too happy when she was finished since it was a lot of work.

Kitcat and I texted a little yesterday, but we didn't get to talk till today. With school and everything else in her life she's very busy. I asked when I would see her again and she promised this week, just not when. I'm very happy that I know she likes me and things are going well. I'm very sensitive to change in people around me. It's a survival skill from growing up in a insane household. You learn to know when someone is going to freak out.

I know need to find sometime to reset my engine light so I can get my car inspected. In a normal car that would be easy as unconnecting your negative ground from your battery. However with my car its housed in the wheel well which means a lot of bolts to be loosened before I can get to it. What a pain.

I've called Eric a few times but haven't gotten him. Not sure if his grandfather has died yet or not. It's so weird to call and leave messages. On one hand I don't want to be all cheery with this going on, but I don't want to be a downer either.

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