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Sane Friends

Do We Still Have a Pulse?

I'm not quite sure where I am with Kitcat which I find weird saying. Sunday she said she would call when she got home and I heard nothing. I had texted her twice throughout the day yesterday and got no response which doesn't really happen. Honestly I was a bit worried that she had an accident since we always have some level of communication. So I did call and text her that I was worried since I didn't hear from her and to let me know she was okay. She texted me back quickly that she was just getting home. She was going downstairs to get something to eat and would call me when she got back in. Nothing. All this makes me feel distraught and like I'm not initiating any more communication. Hey I can be 3 years old when I want to. So I realized this wasn't the emotionally mature thing to do. Today I texted her to see how her day was going and I got a response. Having struck something I went for the gold with asking if I could see her tonight. I got the list of reasons why she couldn't which were the same as last week. However then she was trying to squeeze me in for a little while. I wished her luck on her test today and to let me know how she did. Also to let me hear her voice when she had the chance.

In my natural state I bounce between polar opposites. Some of it is because I don't want to deal with unhappy feelings and the other is the way I grew up with both my parents being polar opposites. It was one of the things I was working on today in my hypnotherapy session. I wanted to work on my low self-esteem issues. So she helped me with my people pleasing and how I see everyone else as better than me. I tell you I walk out of there the most relaxed I've ever been. So far it's been easier to work with my patients without worrying if they're happy or not.

To add on to my mix of stuff. I went to wash the dishes last night and when I turned on the tap there was no water. So I had to get up extra early to hit the gym before my meeting this morning. It was actually even earlier since I needed to be there early this week. The closest gym I went to seems to not follow the same rules as the ones I usually go to in opening at 6-6:30. I was so pissed. Then I had to schlep across the city to the next closest to the meeting. I left work for Tone. We'll see what happens. The weird thing is that the sprinklers worked normally. If it was dark I could have just grabbed a shower out there.

Well if everyone keeps their appointments this week it will be a new record for the office which would be awesome. My worry is the second to last patients are a couple on Friday and they are known to reschedule 40% of the time. Either way it will be a great week and that's the way I'm going to try and look at it.

So far my off site appointment setting is working nicely. My patients are happier that I'm busier and I'm happy to have one less thing to worry about. My biggest thing is I'm trying to stay in my minutes plan for the month. I'm not using much up at the moment, but I just want to turn it on 24/7.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

LOL at the sprinkler shower in the dark. Just don't do it right after the grass has been cut.


Sorry that you are going through this with Kitcat. It sounds to me like it might be time to get back out there again. There is nothing wrong with you. Remember that!


Time to step back and let her make the moves. It is not childish on your part. Let her decide if she wants to put an effort into this relationship or not. Live your life and enjoy it as much as you can. Once you quit "looking", they will find you.


Nope. You've initiated enough. Time for her to meet you halfway.

Good luck! :o)

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