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Sane Friends

The Time Paradox

I was chatting with German girl today and she asked how everything with Kitcat was going. I told her everything was going well, but I hadn't seen her in over a week and any alone time was now in the 2 week zone. Saying it made me realize it wasn't that long of a time even though feeling wise it feels like ages. Liking Kitcat a lot and it being the beginning of a relationship, I don't enjoy having week long periods of time not seeing her. It's probably why I don't like long distance relationships. The extended periods of not seeing each other don't make me happy nor do I like sucking it up on a regular basis. Why some people do like it, I know it's not for me. The extra rub is that out of most of the women I've dated she's one of the closest. Law girl holds the record with a mile down the road which was very sweet.

Kitcat didn't say what she was doing today when I wished her happiness this morning. She was enjoying time with her youngest. I would guess her oldest was taking her out or doing something. I wanted to know so if nothing was being done I would cook for her. Since her youngest doesn't know we are dating we still play it cool and my visits when he is there they are infrequent at best.

Today is a hanging day for me. I visited my Mom for Mother's day this morning and now I'm hanging at Starbucks. I'll do a little shopping before heading back home to do the weekly clean up.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Long distant relationships are hard, but you both seem to be doing well with it.


Give it some time, you'll soon be wanting those days apart. ;) Ha!


It is hard to stay away for that long in the begining when you really like someone. But I am with Candice! :)

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