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Sane Friends

Earth Day

Yesterday was a weird day with Kitcat. It was the first day we didn't really communicate. I had texted her twice throughout the day and didn't get a response until last night. She stated that she had slept most of the day trying to recover from the week. Not much happening today. I got a morning earlier, but so far no response. I have to admit I have only texted and have fallen into the lazy text trap. I'm meeting the singles in a little while for Earth day and will call her afterwards to see how she's doing.

Today is day 2 of cleaning out the extra room. I was able to get the cabinet out yesterday and today I'm working on the dresser and file cabinet. I'm thinking of taking the dresser back home and using it instead of the landlord's. I know if I put the dresser in storage it's going to get wrecked. I do need some boxes to finish packing up some junk that will go in storage. I want to be finished with it by tomorrow.

I tell you I need to make a better system to stay on everything in the office. I keep falling into the trap of focusing on one aspect and then the other fall off the wagon.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

It is hard to get used to one thing with someone and then have it change even for a day. It sounds like you and Kitcat are doing well though.

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