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I read about this all the time on other people's blogs and didn't think I would be in their shoes. I wanted to change my picture of Kitcat on her profile on my phone. I always mean to bring a camera to take a picture, but we seldom go out that it usually is a moot point. However I would like a better picture of her and maybe one of us together. Where is this leading you ask? Well I figured I'd go back to her profile and grab one of the others. There was a nice one, but she just wasn't looking at the camera. Anyhow I just searched her profile since I didn't want to log in and create activity for myself. It was easy to find her profile since it was active today. Yes I'm dating someone with an active profile. Not quite sure what to say on the matter really. I guess the biggest reason I say that is that I do trust her. Maybe sometime in the future I'll mention it. I'm not going to stalk the profile since that won't be good for me. Like all things I'll trust my instincts and go from there.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Phew! For a minute there, I thought you were leading up to having found either your mom or Kitcat naked on the internet. I don't think that's necessarily alarming that her profile's active, yet the conversation about dating exclusively is perfectly fine to have at this stage (or earlier). It is one of the MANY weird things about internet dating (ie you can easily access each other's on-line activity.)
Keep faith.


Robyn - yeah its one of the reasons I'm not too alarmed. Already checked for pics of Kitcat. Google is an amazing thing.


I think you're allowed to talk about it. I dated a guy who kept an active dating site profile because he liked to talk to people over-seas. I was fine with that. But it's almost a shame really that anyone is allowed to know when you are on-line.


I think it is time to have a talk! I would be bugged I think.

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