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Giving Good Phone

Feeling a little out of control today. Yesterday the phone was ringing a lot here in the office which a good thing. The bad thing was that I was busy for most of them. The few I got to were new patients or people looking to come in. The people I missed never called back which I saw as missed business. So I had to find a solution for this since I work hard to have this happen I can't be missing the ball. So I did a Google search and interviewed a few businesses to do my appointments for me when I can't get to the phone. I'll see how it goes over a 3 month test period. So it was a lot of work that I was not expecting yesterday. Today as I finish setting up the process I feel a bit out of control since part of my office is now out of my hands. It's weird and yes I can be a control freak. Like a parent on their child's first day of school its a bit hard letting go even though its a good thing.

Talking about letting go. My neighborhood business group had our second event last night. It went very well and the best part about it was that I wasn't the chairperson for the event. Even though I had to let go of my control of the event since I run the group. However letting it be run by the chairperson let me enjoy the evening. I did have one bump when the first person to speak did so for almost 20 minutes instead of 5. However I just let it go and it all evened out as the presentations went. The house was an awesome place and I want to go back for the full tour. The lady who runs it has put a lot of her own money into it and knows so much about the history that its just a joy to walk around and soak up all the history.

I forgot that I didn't blog yesterday. I was happy when Kitcat called me Wednesday night to come over. It was good to see her even though she was wiped from the week. She apologized for her hectic schedule and was going to try and squeeze in during her weekend with her son.

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I don't have anyone to answer my phone, but my message tells people I check messages frequently and will call them back. I don't think I've missed too much business.

Glad you guys got some time together. I can tell you, being a single mother is tough.

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