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Sane Friends

Future Wedding Bells

If you don't know me than know that I think a lot. Some will say that I think too much which may be the case since I use to not think at all. So I'm still trying to get my sea legs in life. Looking at the incident with Kitcat I'll still mention special dates in the future with women. For me, recognizing and celebrating special times helps me to enjoy life. I know if I don't celebrate the fun times, I'm sure to focus on the bad times which is no fun at all.

Yesterday Secret Agent man asked if any people had found someone special in the group. I informed him 3 of my friends had. Savant and Saturn girl just moved in together and Server guy is moving in with someone else from the group in June. After saying that I had to admit that I had that feeling you get when you realize all your friends got invited to a party and you didn't. Most of my closest friends from the group are or soon will be living with someone. Holy crap when did this happen? Is permanent bachelor tattooed on my ass somewhere? I'm happy for my friends, but wow the realization stings. The group was my connection to other singles since all my friends at the time were married. Is this slowly happening again?

On the flip side of this is my fear with engagement and marriage. While I want to one day have a ring on my finger again with someone special. The last time I did it, I truly didn't take responsibility for everything and it was a miserable time. I know that I'm a completely different person than I was then, but until I talk about all this. I'm not going to purge it from my system.

I've mention this before with my dating in the south. Women down here are Amazons. When I was in NY I would say the average height for a woman was 5'2". Down here I would say 5'6" which is my limit. Since it allows the woman to wear 3" heels and still not be taller than me.

My activity online has gotten me some emails which I'm happy to see women taking the initiative. However they haven't been matches since I know I'm not what they are looking for. So it's a quick email telling them this. I know I like to know if it's not a connection and if I can't do it, I can't expect someone else to do it. I have a few nibbles from my own emails and I'll let you know how it goes.
On a side note. Still no word from my ex about Eric's trip.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

I totally get what you're saying about feeling like you will never move past being single. My husband has been dead for almost 10 years, and although I thought I had gotten close a time or two, he is the only man I have ever lived with. In the meantime, I have had friends get married, divorced, and remarried again. It sometimes makes me feel like I'm defective... hahaha...

I know that I'm not. I believe that when I do find someone and take those steps, they will be for all of the right reasons. I believe that for you as well.


I know that feeling. I'm starting to want to commit- someday, anyway- and it's a scary thought.


Hang in there. Don't measure yourself by how others around you are doing. It's an unfair comparison.



I am in the exact same position you are. I think you are just having an off day though. I don't think you will be a bachelor forever.

I am 5ft tall, so I guess I fit in with NYers. Good news for me since I love NY.


I vacillate on how much I want to be in a committed relationship again. Some days I'm certain I do, but other days...

I have a friend who moved to New England and she was complaining that men are much shorter there (she's tall) than here in the South. Me, I'm not quite 5'4" so all men are taller than me.

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