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The Yin & Yang of Car Works

Yes finally after 2 years, and not really working on finding it, I've found the leaky hose that was causing my engine light to come on. Well at least I'm hoping so. It's been 24 hours and still nothing. With that I was extremely happy that I passed my car inspection without any trouble. While I do trust the place I bring my car to, I always worry since nothing is ever cheap. Hey you need a new Johnson rod, that will be $800.

I'm happy to report that it was another good week in the office and that I already have more appointment on the books for next week than this past week. Since there is always a conversation in my head here it is:

Positive me: alright a good week next week.
Negative me: yeah but 45% of that is Medicare which means not much money
Positive me: hey some money is better than no money.
Usually there is words about worry and keeping it at this level. However its not really saying anything.

So it's an improvement when positive me has the last word. I think I may call my friend the hypnotherapist for another session. This time focusing on my self esteem and confidence so I can have a better perspective on this stuff. While last sessions work on my anxiety wasn't a end all, be all. It did allow me to work on it better which is what she explained to me. The session would help me rewrite what I had learned when I was younger to make better decisions now.

Kitcat has been keeping me better in the loop with what is going on in her life when she has her son. We may not talk as much on the phone and even text are light. However I get the information that I need so I don't go all wonky. I hope she can work in a visit with me over the weekend like she said, but I'm not holding my breathe with it.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Those damn engine lights ! Mine is on, and I know it's going to cost a few hundred at least to get to the bottom of it.


Senorita - go to an Autozone or what ever parts place you have in Cali. They scan the code for you for free. You can at least see what the problem is. Hopefully minor. At least it will save you the pricey diagnostic fee a mechanic will charge you.


Wow! Loved that you showed a picture of KitKat with your car. (ha)

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