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Closing Another Chapter

Well after day number 3 of no call from Kitcat after I asked her to call me and she agreed, I'm closing this dating chapter. What's interesting is I started watching 500 Days of Summer the other night and I finished it last night. If you haven't seen it, I would highly recommend it. I really liked this movie when I saw it last year since there are plenty of relationship movies out there. However there are few from the guys point of view and even fewer good ones. Anyway one of the points of the movie is looking back at the relationship and seeing things differently. I can't say I see things differently, but I know where the derail happened. It was last Thursday after we had a nice night seeing other the day before. We were doing our usual texting back and forth. I wished Kitcat a happy 2 monthaversary. Yes I'm a guy that remembers all these little dates and likes to celebrate them. Anyway even texting I heard her stumble when I told her this. She became loss for words. While I'm hypersensitive to changes in a relationship I will rarely inquire about them which I probably should. I let the conversation just go on. Besides the blip of Kitcat calling me Saturday excited about being with both her boys on Sunday our communication has decreased.

What's really interesting is that what attracted me to Asp and Kitcat was their abilities to stand up for themselves. Kitcat more than Asp. However both of them just let the relationship just peter out. I'll never understand it. I'm having a hard time accepting being sad. I know its appropriate, but I just don't want to feel bad which is the norm for me.

No water again last night at the house which really sucked, but I did water the lawn myself. However I'm happy to report that it will be on this afternoon.

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So sorry. You'll probably hear from her soon, though, as if nothing's wrong. Sounds like a typical role reversal. Lots of women go through this kind of thing (with the guy just backing out without a word). It stinks.
Hang in,



Found my way here after seeing a comment that you made on another site.

Enjoying your blog. I'm 45 and in the process of ending my long term marriage.

I'll be watching and looking for pointers! :-)

Best wishes.


That's a shame about KitKat. She let a good guy get away, and I hope she realizes it. :o(


John - thanks for stopping by.

Sweet - thanks, that's always the secret dream.


What is up with Kitcat ? I hope you get to the bottom of this and find out why she is acting this way.

You do not deserve this treatment.


Sorry about this. I know it is hard, but know that you gave your all and are a good man!

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