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Sane Friends

Hard at Work

Life is different now with the office getting busier, MT1 sharing space, and me making sure to finish work and not push it off to the weekend. I've gotten use to having a lot of freedom with the cost of low productivity. Now that productivity is up, I find I'm letting a lot of time wasting stuff slide. While it's important for me to blog everyday just to clear my head. I'm starting to slip on reading blogs. Everyday I open my reader to about 40 entries to read and not much time to read them. I'm slowly sifting through them all and what usually happens is I don't comment as much. Not that I comment a lot now.

My last 2 patients were very appreciative to walk out pain free today. Both are long standing patients who did something in the last day or two and were in severe pain. It was nice to hear how I changed their lives back to normal.

So today was my second time on the radio. I was a lot more relaxed since I was just there for a good time. I know the listener ship is low, but its always a fun time and the experience is good for me.

The other reason for me to be relaxed is I got to see Kitcat last night. She was very tired from not sleeping much the night before. Kitcat informed me that she wouldn't be up long when I got there, but I was welcome to come. I was there lickety split. It was great to see her after so long. We didn't do much, but cuddle and watch TV after I adjusted her. She really liked the earrings I got her.
I'm catching myself and changing my vocabulary when I'm talking to Kitcat now. While the "L" word hasn't come to my mind with her specific. It is coming to my mind when I'm saying how much I like something about her like her smile for example. I do have to admit I do that with my friends so I may have to make a bigger change.

I finally remembered what I wanted to blog about yesterday which was funny. As you may or may not know I'm partially color blind. So I was talking to one of the guys in my business group and he said the stripes on his shirt were pink. Now to me 10 feet away they looked pale blue. Only when he was very close could I tell that it was pink. The people that knew I was color blind said they forget since I dress well and never clash. My secret is I never were prints, it's always solids. I'm happy that everyone likes what I wear since initially when I buy something I worry how it will go together.

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So glad that you got to see Kitcat last night. I am sure that was a huge relief after 2 weeks

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