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My Day Down the Rabbit Hole

While the weekend turned out with very few things done, I have to admit its been the most restful in a long time. For the past several weeks I've been waking early which I never enjoy and I know I'm stressing about something. It was either Kitcat or money since I ended last week feeling good about both. So getting at least 8 hours sleep the last 2 days has been a blessing. It's nice to be working on all cylinders again.

In the online dating world I seem to be the catch for the fifty-something set since they're a contacting me. I really don't mind, but they are falling for one of the big online dating mistakes. I know it since I fall for it too at times. Great, awesome picture blinds you to what is being said in the profile. I maybe very spiritual, but I'm not religious or a church goer. Both women were and that's what they were looking for in a guy. I'm not against the age difference, but at least read my profile so I don't feel cheap. Lol. On my side I'm hoping to have a date Wednesday night.

It's freaking hot as hell here today. In the 90's and a bit humid. I was going to see Iron Man 2, but I figured another week or two and it would be at the bargain house. So I went to see Alice in Wonderland there. Even though it did have some interesting moments it wasn't that great of a movie.

Still no word from my ex on Eric's visit. Tomorrow will be the reminder text or email. This is always the pain part. However as I'm always reminded. If we had good communication we'd probably still be together.

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My friend is trying on-line dating and so last night we went "man shopping" on the service. It was really fun! It killed her though when she knew a guy had looked at her picture but not contacted her. Of course, we were doing the same thing.

Oh brave new world!


On-line dating is such a freaky world. And it's true - it's often clear people don't actually read your profile at all. Still, I've met some interesting men that way.


Tsk tsk... I loved Alice in Wonderland.


Oh good! I justed asked my husband if he knew what it meant when people say they are spiritual but not religious or church going. So perhaps you'd help me out here? Just what does it mean to be spiritual?


Yeah, I get the feeling 90% of guys who contacted me were responding to a pic, not a person.

Iron Man 2 is awesome, hope you get to see it soon!


Sorry you feel cheapened by the older religious women who find you hot enough to ignore your profile. Must be tough. :)
I hope your Wednesday night date does happen, & that she's a good one! Keep us posted.

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