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Sane Friends

The Grass is Greener

I was truly bummed when Kitcat asked if I wanted to come over and spend sometime on the beach with son and herself. I told her I wished I could but I had the BBQ and then game night. She was okay with it, but I wanted to dump everything to see her. However I had made that promise to myself when I got out of my marriage that I wouldn't give up my plans for another person anymore. Before and during marriage I had thrown my life away for my ex and I was left with nothing especially going against my beliefs. Today even though I was dying to see Kitcat I kept to my guns and went to everything I had scheduled.

The BBQ was fun and I was very happy the person invited me was there when I got there. The people were very friendly, but a senior crowd. It was for the Cosmopolitan group. The free steak BBQ was away to meet potential new members. While I know several people in the group who weren't there. It wasn't for me. Their big thing is fighting diabetes. While a worthwhile cause its not one that's dear to my heart. So I know I wouldn't have any passion for it.
Game night was fun as always. I got there late, but hey who am I to pass up on a free steak dinner. While I had fun, being late I didn't really connect with everyone like I usually do. However my tank tops and I were the targets of many jokes.

Here are the silver earrings I got Kitcat. For some reason I couldn't get a clear close up of them. I went with the non-fancy in the hopes that she could use them more often.

I finally got to talk to Eric today after about 2 weeks. He was happy since he was accepted into the school he wanted to attend. Other than that I found out his grandfather was still hanging in there. Besides that he wasn't in the mood to connect. I try not to take it personal and just be patient for the times when he does want to connect.

The outside of the house seems to be finished. It is so weird now to come home after 5 years to a place with grass. The property has been fixed up very nicely and we are no longer the bastard stepchild of the block. The picture is the actual house.

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