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Eeek. I didn't blog yesterday. While I might not have something exciting to report everyday. I know it's important for me to do it just as I share with all my friends throughout the day. With all the changes around the office, I'm still playing catch up with many things still falling through the cracks. Most of it is small stuff, but it still needs to be done. If I can continue to grow the office I'll then consider getting some help to do all the grunt work. However I'm resistant to think about it. It's a childhood thing. My Dad would always dangle things in front of me for the future. Things being money. I believe it started when I was 5 with thousands of dollars that would be mine at some point. At 5 I really didn't give a crap, but he always made it exciting and then it would disappear. This was just a routine of my Dad. I think it feel under his tests of love that he was big with. He was always testing to see if you loved him for him or his money and stuff. It's probably while I'm not materialistic. One of the biggest things I learned from all of this was never to have hopes and expectations cause it just going to be a let down. Not having dreams to draw upon to direct my life really makes me swim around in circles which is a hard way to get ahead.

I went to the Funny Bone with the singles last night. It was a good show, but the big thing of the night is one of my members. She annoys me to no end. I've heard this from several of the other guys in the group. I'm not quite if its because she tries too hard, comments on everything, or she's just an ass. However I haven't figured out how to handle her yet without screaming, "shut the fuck up!" Since I don't think it would be helpful overall I haven't done it yet.

I'm happy to say Kitcat doesn't have her son this weekend. Like usual I would like to have it all planned out of when we are going to see each other, but that's not happening with her schedule. If I had a choice I would say Saturday night since I have to get up early tomorrow morning for a personal trainer that is coming to the office. We're going to trade services and market together which will be a big boost if it all works out.

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Keeping my fingers crossed for you about spending good quality time with Kitcat this weekend!

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