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Sane Friends

A Private Frisky Friday

Kitcat informed me last night that her classmates told her that she needs to get laid. We both know with her son there this weekend it wasn't happening. I may not be happy with it, but I totally understand and would be the same way if Eric was visiting. So for Frisky Friday I texted her how much I wanted her. Kitcat told me how funny I was and I said that I wasn't joking. We're still not seeing each other till next week.

It was weird this morning to step outside my office to take a personal phone call from a friend. I've been alone for so long in the office that it was new to me. Most conversations I could care less with, but there are a few I would like private.

I have a very anal neighbor down the block from me. The speed limit is 25 and occasionally I have been known to push almost 30 on the block when I'm not paying attention. Let me tell you if he sees you he will be screaming at the top of his lungs for you to slow down even if you're a block or two past him. While this is a pain it does get to me. Yelling in anger gets to me. My dad yelled a lot and angry outburst were the norm. That angry yelling really gets to me at my core. While it no longer makes me want to cower, it does knock me off kilter. Like I'm a bad person of something which is usually at the core of my problems.

This leads me to both of my readings this morning talked about optimism and seeing the happiness in everyday life. I need to make a list of affirmations specific for this. While I have great ones now they aren't covering this base.

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