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I'm being reminded that grieving is like a boomerang. Just when you think it's out of sight it comes back into view. I'm going through my day and every once in a while Kitcat will come to mind. It's really not that bad feeling wise, but it's a bump in the road. I did make myself go on the dating site where we met yesterday mostly to let go of this "what will she think" feeling. It's crap since I'm not the one that did anything wrong. Didn't contact anyone since I'm not in the mood to do that yet.

Well it's been a record week here in the office for which I'm grateful for. While I'm still in debt, my bills have all been paid and I still have my Eric vacation money intact. Now it just needs to stay that way for another month.

So this year I'm doing something for Father's day. Usually it's just another day for me since I don't see Eric to the following week or two. This year in the back of my mind I figure I'd have Kitcat to spend the day with since I knew she wouldn't have her son on that day. However since that's not to be. I got myself the concert ticket special today of $10 for the Lynyrd Skynyrd/Brett Michaels/38 Special concert on Father's day. I made it a singles event and we'll see what happens, but at least I'll be doing something special for me.

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There you go.

I think getting out to have some fun and take in the live music is a great idea.

You deserve it and should treat yourself well. Sounds like it'll be a good show.

Have a good weekend!


I just caught up. I'm sorry the relationship imploded. Relationships are tough and it is so hard to match up on issues like how the relationship should progress, how much contact to have and so on. So, I'm sorry and also I'm glad to hear you're going to get out and do something fun.


I'm sorry the relationship didn't work out. It's tough making it last with anyone these days...and you're such a good catch; I don't get it!

I love 38 Special and LS's "Freebird." I don't know Brett Michaels' music but I wouldn't mind watching him shake his thing.


Happy Father's Day ! I almost forgot it's coming up !

I LOVE Brett Michaels ! I hope you enjoy the show !


John - yeah I've learned over the years when things are tough its good to be good to yourself.

Secret - Thanks. Yes I keep learning that more and more each day.

Ily - What can I say but I still pick poorly.

Senortita - Yeah when I got the tickets I figured you'd be all over me going to Brett Michaels.


Give yourself some time to grieve. The relationship literally just ended. I'm sure that when you are ready, you'll have no problems meeting someone new who appreciates you. Have a great time this weekend and at the concert.

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