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Well I left for my trip for NY yesterday.  Since it was a Saturday instead of a Friday and I wasn't picking Eric up that day it was a nice leisurely trip.  The thing that sucks about being on the highway is you can't really stop for pictures.  I would have loved one of the Big, Fat, and Ugly Inc.  Not quite sure what they do, but the sign was priceless.  Also when you go from Delaware to New Jersey they always have a large lighted sign saying if your are in crisis call xxx-xxxx.  Well the "if" wasn't working so you had this huge sign saying you're in crisis.  It was pretty funny.  

Then it happened.  I broke down on the NJ Turnpike.  As in many places in NY it's a contracted road.  Meaning that your towing service can't touch you.  You have to use them which is like allowing some guy named Bubba to sodomize you.  At first he was like no place is open till Monday.  I'm like in Virginia we have places open 7 days a week so I know NJ does.  Then he remember a place farther away that would be open during the weekend.  On our ride he regaled me with stories of all the accidents on the highway and what people look like after they've been run over by an 18 wheeler.  Am I in the Twilight Zone movie?

Anyway my timing belt had broken which I wasn't happy about especially with possible engine damage.  The good thing was that I was on my way to my brothers and he wasn't too far away. So as planned I stayed the night with them.  Today they tell me yes their is engine damage and it will take a few days to repair.  This really sucks.  I called my patients to reschedule them. The worse was calling Eric that I wouldn't be seeing him.  2 hours before I'm suppose to pick him up.  He was really upset and so was I.

The Planner has been helpful in talking to during this.  I'm still spoiling her with good morning text everyday.  

So I've been taking pics of my niece and relaxing since that's all I can do now.  I'm not too happy right now, but I know it could have been a lot worse.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Auggggggh to the car problems and not getting to see Eric, Mike ! Grrrr. My empathy.

As far as you 'spoiling' the Planner with good morning text messages ? Do you know how arrogant that sounds ?
And while I'm on your case because that remark pushed my buttons instantaneously, a text message isn't a phone call.

It's an 'unavailable' way of communicating that keeps distance between two people.

This may tick you off, and I'm going to take that risk.
How would you like it if she acted like she was doing you a favor to text message you goodnight ?


Getting stuck in Jersey is never great.

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