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Sane Friends

They Care

Talking with my patient TB tonight who invited me to Laser Tag the other night. Did I forget to tell you that you can't run in there? The most stupid rule I ever heard. Anyway it seems that many of the ladies want to come into therapy now. More to see me than they actually need it. She was upset with the woman that she wanted to set me with since she wasn't interested. Both TB and her sister are my patients. Both of them had choice words for this woman. LOL. They care about me so much its sweet. So TB is trying another one of her friends that was there. The problem is I can't remember who she was since their were so many people there. Not that I'm super interested, but I like to remember people.

Things seem to be going well with the Planner. When she wants to poke fun at me she'll say I have to sleep in the other room. I usually come back with her sleeping in my bed. Well see each other tomorrow night for a free concert and dinner.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

You cheap bastard...a free concert!

I hope you will make it up to her later in the evening.



Don't look at me PP. It was her idea since she wants to go to a restaurant there.

I'll be happy to make it up to her. We'll see what she wants.


I didn't like the sleeping in the other room comment. Makes me wonder if that's how she deals with things down the road...

Hope the concert and dinner are fun, Mike...

Okay, so now I'm thinking this woman MIGHT be a bit too guarded. I hope I'm wrong. Maybe she'll be a great cuddle monkey tomorrow night :)

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