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Reality Breaks & Dating

One thing I get a lot of is solicitations from sales people. The new thing now are those place mat advertisements. I get one about every week from someone. The funny thing was yesterday I get one of these and the lady is we called you first. I nearly laughed. What a reality break! My last name starts with "V". I'm never first on the list. I've learned early on that my place is always last on the line.

The interesting thing is when I thought about that how much I've incorporated that into my thought. I'm last in the line and their are a lot of people in front of me. I get treated less than because I'm back in the line. It's interesting how kids view the world and what it means to them.

On the dating front. My patient set up the laser tag event for me to meet her friend. She also gave me her contact information. I had to ask if she was expecting my phone call. The reply I got was that she knew I would be at the event, but it would be nice for us to talk so we don't go in cold turkey to the event. So either tonight or tomorrow I'll give her a call. I have an event with the singles tonight so my schedule will dictate that. When I call I like to have my full attention to what I'm doing especially with someone I have no idea about. Wish me luck.

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