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Sane Friends

Hey its Hump Day

It was interesting to go play Laser Tag last night. Mostly because I'm playing with a bunch of my patients and their friends. It was fun and I'm going to schedule it for a Singles event. If you've never tried it you should. It's a blast. I did get to meet the woman my patient wanted me to meet. She was nice, but I'm not quite sure.

On the Planner front it's been little contact. She feel asleep early Monday so we didn't talk. We talked a little yesterday so I could find out what was going on with her finger. She then suggested we talk later in the evening. However I was still out playing when she called. I texted back to say I'd call her when I got home. However there was no response when I left a message.

For me it's hard to fight strong for the relationship. The reason is it's only 4 dates. If we're already at the labors of Hercules at this point I don't want to know what we'll be dealing with in a year. My guess right now is that the Planner is pushing me away. Whether it is to see if I'll come back or just get rid of me, I don't know. However it's not something I like. So as the days pass it gets easier for me to be more cut and dry with this as any emotions I had just drop away.

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