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Sane Friends

Sliding into Place

I've been trying to figure what earrings to give Kitcat. Should I get the fancy ones or ones that I know she could use on a day to day basis. Any suggestions?

MT1 moved everything in today and is 90% setup. It's going to be interesting having someone around the office again. I haven't worked with someone in years. The good thing is that she is very bubbly which I need a shot of. I think my demeanor is a bit of a problem with work. Since I wear many hats and a few shots of anxiety I can have hard time of hitting those high notes of excitement without conscious thought. I had a few new patients today which was great. The guy I was able to come in higher than him, but the woman was a lot higher than me. Like everything its something to work on.

I'm trying to setup weekly time to talk to my friends who are also chiropractors to exchange different thoughts and ideas. I've done it with two of them this week and its been good for both parties. Activity seems to follow it. Now just to get it organized.

I'm hoping to see Kitcat tonight. We got to talk a little before. I'll text her when I leave the office to see. I know starting tomorrow she'll have her son through Sunday so it'll be hard to see her.

Speaking of Kitcat. I was in one of my business meetings and my text alert when off. MK lady asked who it was and I said my gf. She asked if it was Asp and I said no it was someone else. She gave me that face I see in a lot of my female friends. I think its somewhere between impressed and you're kidding me. That's what I think and I'm sticking to that. The meeting started then and I wasn't able to update her on my dating life. Since she met Asp and we didn't break up for 2 more months the MK lady curse was broken. For the last several years if I told her about who I was dating we broke up in the next 2 days. It was freaky.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

That is freaky. With me, if I started to really like the guy, he would stop calling. It was wierd how that worked out, especially since I never really said anything.


I think plain everyday little hoops are great. But that is my personality, so I am not real sure for Kitcat.
Show us what you decide.

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