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In My Dreams - Kristin

In many of the blogs I read, I see women posting about all their crushes. I give That One Mom the credit with her Future Ex Husbands weekly entries for inspiring me to want to balance the powers that be with this. Each week a different woman will grace these pages who in my dreams will be my next wife.
Well with the release of the new Sex and the City movie I'll start with Kristin Davis. I never liked her prissy, conservative views on life and sex in the show, but I was sitting their drooling like an idiot anyway so it didn't matter. Plus she has long, dark hair which I love. The funny thing is that most women I date don't have dark hair. I guess only in my dreams.

Well now with a dream in mind I have a better chance or reaching it, right? Hey it works for me.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

BTW, I like how you use images in your posts. I've not really taken the time to do that yet. I may start trying to work a few in here and there.

Heh. I wonder how many photos there are of people screaming and ripping out their hair! LOL

That'd probably get old quick, wouldn't it? ;-P


I look exactly like this after 12 beers (YOU have to drink them to make this happen.)


She does look rather sexy. Did I mention I've been considering switching teams, given my luck (lack thereof) with men? Thanks for tipping the scales.
Good luck, too. Yes, if you will it..xoRobyn


John - I've started having a picture every entry a few months ago. I think it helps make it all look better.

Betty - You miss my last post with me not drinking. Guess I'll never know.

Robyn - Well if you do switch, at least you already have access to all the equipment.


Thanks for the shout out - again! People are going to start thinking you're my pimp. Hahaha!

I'm so glad to see you're following suit! I'm sorry I've been dropping the "bone" lately!

She is a cutey! Didn't she play a shady bitch on Melrose Place a gajillion years ago?

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