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Sane Friends

So Close, Yet So Far

I was so close. I could taste it. However it wasn't meant to be. It was suppose to be a tie for the busiest day in the office today. It didn't start that way, but people had way too much fun this weekend. So the phone was a ringing today and they ended up in my office. However my last 2 patients rescheduled till next week due to the weather and all the traffic. Damn you. It's funny since tomorrow is the great waste land. The good thing is that all I've been doing over the last few weeks is paying off and now I just need to keep up with it all.

I was happy it was a profitable day since one of my large debts came up today. Mostly because I've been slipping on payments since my Mom went into the hospital and I paid all that money. Now they want theirs.

From the weekend I pulled a lot of gratitude. Please don't even ask where it came from, but I guess since I've been working on it my big score came in. So leaving the house this morning I was in a good mood with no real anxiety to speak of which is something for me. Now the weird thing is that 3 of my friends called today telling me how over the weekend all of their lives took a turn for the worse. By the end of the third phone call I didn't know if I wanted another call from a friend today. I think I reached my limit.

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Sounds like your day went from good to not so great. That's a great picture, though.

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