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Weary Wednesday

This going to bed late and then getting up early is wearing thin. I have to make sure my manager only has me work 4 days a week. Anymore than that and it is too much. I'm just drooping today and glad I don't have to work tonight. Last night was brutal with the heat. Placing piping hot pizza's in the car just added insult to injury. I was so happy when the sun went down.

Business is still chugging along. Still need a batch of good new patients that want more than one shot treatment. I just finished a batch of them. While I will not turn the money away. Good patients are precious. Getting more request for me to do lectures around the area so potential is still their. I need to get better at closing the sale. I'm really good up to that point, but I usually want people to make up their own minds. However I think I will have to sweeten the pot to get them to come in.

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