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Today's The Day

Well today's the day. After buying tickets many moons ago and freaking L out about getting them the Stevie Nicks concert is here. Robin is coming down from Maryland to enjoy the show with me. The crowd last night at work found out how old I was which surprised all. When they found out who I was going to see tonight they all got a good laugh. Hey I'm an old man what can I say.

I tell you I don't know what my networking group did before me. No one follows the rules of one on one meetings. I'm the new guy and they are learning from me. It's too funny.

I met the Sales Guy at a networking function a while ago. We go to the same Starbuck and forget it if we are there at the same time. He'll be chewing my ear off. He's like my old friend John, never shuts up. If Sales Guy continues I'm going to have to tell him to STFU.

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