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Oral Sex & Sluts

Deb's comment last entry made me think on the term sluts. So that you women know guys very rarely use the term "slut" and if they do it's in a joke. The term "slut" was created by parents to prevent their little precious girls from every having sex. Kind of like telling boys you'll go blind if you masturbate. Since the male population is walking with with a cane and a seeing eye dog it's all just a lot of crap. However I do notice that women desperately grab this word as the evil of the world. From the guys point of view your worrying about a lot of shit. I know I don't really care about how many men you've been with as long is it isn't when I'm with you. Guys in general like women that are connected to their sexual side. Helps break the myth in our brains about women being the sexless side of the relationship. I've already had one women reader say she remembers her first oral sex experience in receiveing better than her wedding. Good for her weddings are over rated. So let me ask which are you - oral sex or wedding?

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Never been married, but I think it is a sad stereotype. Women are not all about getting married - hell, I hope I never do it. I love sex, but I don't remember EVERY detail of my first oral sex experience, lol. Do parents really tell their boys that masturbating will cause them to go blind? That's sad.

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