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Sane Friends


Eric called me this morning to wish me a Happy Father's day, but beside that I have no connection to the holiday. It's just another Sunday. Maybe when I talk to my friends tomorrow and hear their stories I will feel more of the pain. I did inform Eric today that I wouldn't be seeing him before he went to camp, but I would see him after. He took it well, but I hated doing it.

I tell you working late really messes your day up. Going to be bed a 3 means getting up somewhere around noon. Hmm Sunday, everything closes at 5. Damn, half the day gone. So I hightailed it down to the oceanfront for the yearly art show. It was good and their were a few new people there that made it worth it. I was thinking of buying a really cheap piece, but with money tight and no real place to put it I passed. The weather down there was perfect with just enough breeze to keep you from becoming a puddle of sweat.

Realized sometime last night that I am back to being open to dating again. I haven't released the hounds yet and began actively searching for someone, but if someone crosses my path I'll pursue.

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