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Being a Guy

I went to see some comedians last night with friends since we had free tickets. One of the comedians joking about and observation noted for women the day they will always remember would be their wedding day. However for guys it would be the day they got their first blow job. We all sat around thinking about it afterwards and we agreed the guy was right. Large gaps are in my memory about my wedding day and I don't drink to blame that. However I can remember every iota of detail the first time I got a blow job. Guess it's true guys are different.

Down here the big talk is guys and their shorts. I don't know what if this is a national phenomena or since we don't have any professional sports team here this is the best news we could come up with. Anyway their is suppose to be a move by older guys which I actually fit into. Jeez I'm in the older guy category now. The new style or style revisited is to wear shorter shorts. I'm not talking Daisy Dukes for guys, but mid thigh shorts. I've never worn shorts below my knees cause if their that long I might as well wear pants. The biggest complaint I've heard from women is that guys stuff is hanging out when their sitting down. I don't know why this is happening. Is there some unwritten rule that you have to go commando when wearing shorts. I don't remember learning that at camp. Wait I never went to camp so maybe that's the problem.

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