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Sane Friends

The Endless Battle

Since the dawn of man the battle between a man's brain and his penis have sparred in how to direct one's actions. My meeting with Diner Girl has started another of these battles. It was a fun talk over Starbucks and it felt more like a first date than a business meeting. There were no pregnant pauses, but more of are we going to step over the line. I kept bringing us back to business. At the end I shook her hand, but I wasn't quite sure if I saw her go to hug me goodbye.

So Diner Girl is incredibly attractive, fun to talk to, surprisingly some self awareness, and a business women. On the other hand I feel her youngness and the biggest thing is that we are in the same business networking group. I don't usually mix dating with business since it can affect so much. Then there's her scent. Damn you could bottle that stuff. I would be like an addict on a corner looking for his fix. So indecision, indecision, indecision.

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